What are Some Must haves in a Caravan? 

Who doesn’t like exploring the Australian bush with the family? Australians love exploring and more families in Australia are investing in a caravan to experience this lifestyle. With that said, a caravan is your home away from home but you can’t really have all the conveniences we are used to at home in a caravan. You need to make some compromises but there are some essentials that must be a part of every caravan. Here’s a list of some of the must-haves in a caravan:

1). Caravan levellers

The last thing you want when you set up your camp is an uneven caravan. A level caravan is essential to keep everyone comfortable inside. This is why caravan levellers or ramps are something everyone should carry in their caravan. 

These are blocks made of aluminium or plastic and help you keep your caravan level regardless of the type of terrain where you park. There are also tyre savers that prevent the tyres from sinking on soft ground.

2). Awning

Don’t go camping without a proper awning/sunscreen. It doesn’t take up much space and it takes little time to set up. One of its biggest advantages is that it keeps the windows relatively cool compared to temperatures without any shade or awning on your caravan. You get a level of privacy when you are parked in a holiday park and you also get a shaded space to do whatever you want to do.

3). Gas level checker

The last thing you want is to run out of gas on your holiday. Most people don’t really understand the importance of this nifty gadget until they run out of gas when they least expect it. It takes the guesswork out. This gadget is extremely easy to use and you can use it to check gas levels on propane as well as butane gas bottles.

4). Portable fan

Finding a cheap and rechargeable fan is an absolute must-have. If you are planning to go off-grid during the summer months, a rechargeable fan will come in extremely handy. There are several options available in the market with multiple speed settings, easy to carry handle, an oscillating head and some other features. It will not only keep you cool but can also be used to quickly ventilate the interior of your caravan.

Must haves in a Caravan

5). Head torch

Most people don’t really understand the importance of having a head torch in their caravan until they need one. It will allow you to do everything hands-free. There are several options and very are affordable. Choose one capable of running for hours and with various light modes.

6). First-aid kit and tools

Don’t leave your home without a properly stocked first aid kit. If you’re planning to go to a remote area, make sure you have some basic first-aid knowledge. Also, keep a tool kit handy and make sure it has all the essential tools to get you out of trouble if something happens in the middle of nowhere. You don’t need to carry all the tools but make sure it has enough tools to help you with basic repairs.

7). Foldable chairs and tables

If you’re going to camp outside, you’re obviously going to need foldable chairs and tables. People have different tastes but when it comes to a camping chair and table, there are several options. It is recommended to choose one with proper back support, recline and headrest. Don’t forget to check the reviews to buy a durable brand.

8). Inverter

Everyone carries a plethora of electronics these days such as laptops, phones, tablets, drones, cameras and a few other accessories. All these electronics need to be charged to work and an inverter will help you keep your devices charged at all times. There are many affordable small-sized inverters that come with inbuilt protection and are extremely easy to use as you just need to plug them into a 12 V socket.

Final Thoughts

Overall, caravanning is supposed to be fun where you get to spend some time outdoors with your loved ones. However, it is unpredictable as you are not flying away to a fully serviced hotel and it is this unpredictability that attracts people. 

This is why you should be fully prepared when you go out caravanning, especially with your kids. Make sure you make a list of all the essentials you might need on your trip and spend some time preparing to enjoy your caravanning experience.

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