Imagine a world where caring for the planet goes hand in hand with the excitement of adventure. A world where eco-consciousness and the thrill of exploration come together. That’s where the Off-Grid Caravan by Great Southern RV steps in. This isn’t just any vehicle – it’s your partner in sustainable travel and remote discovery.

Designed for Eco-Friendly Adventures: Exploring Interior and Exterior Sustainability

Prepare to embark on a journey of eco-consciousness as we introduce you to the Off-Grid Caravan. Forget the usual camper trailers – this one's a whole new game. Beyond being a conventional mode of transportation, this caravan pays tribute to the fundamental values of sustainability, renewable energy, and the philosophy of responsible travel. Brimming with attributes that advocate for eco-friendliness and the off-the-grid lifestyle, the Off-Grid Caravan is intricately designed to offer a travel experience that profoundly connects with fellow environmentally conscious adventurers.

Eco-Friendly Interior Comfort and Design

Step inside the Off-Grid Caravan and you’ll be enveloped by an interior that’s aligned with eco-conscious values. Each intricate aspect has been artfully crafted to encapsulate sustainable living without compromising on comfort and practicality. From energy-conserving appliances to the incorporation of recycled materials, the interior of this caravan serves as a tangible testament to the commitment of reducing your ecological footprint while simultaneously savoring the splendor of the natural environment.

Sustainable Exterior Build and Off-Grid Features

The exterior design of the Off-Grid Caravan proudly showcases its steadfast commitment to sustainable principles and off-the-grid living. Purposefully crafted to enable environmentally-conscious exploration, this caravan is equipped with an array of features that empower you to harness renewable resources while leaving behind a minimal ecological footprint. From solar panels to water conservation systems, and an exterior meticulously optimized for sustainability, your journey is seamlessly aligned with your environmentally conscious principles.

Journey of Eco-Consciousness: Performance and Sustainable Travel

When it comes to sustainable expeditions, the Off-Grid Caravan is not just a choice; it's a statement. Every facet of this caravan's design is dedicated to enhancing your eco-friendly adventures. From interiors that promote energy efficiency to amenities that support self-sufficiency, the Off-Grid Caravan is the vehicle of choice for responsible travelers.

Engineered for Sustainable Expeditions

The Off-Grid Caravan is equipped with features that are tailored to eco-friendly adventures. The interior of the Off-Grid Caravan is crafted to deliver a comfortable and sustainable experience. It features energy-efficient amenities and innovative technology that enable you to travel responsibly without compromising on comfort.

Navigating Responsibly Through the Environment

Exploring remote landscapes comes with a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment. The Off-Grid Caravan steps up to this responsibility with waste management systems, renewable energy sources, and travel practices that leave nature untouched. It’s a style of travel that reflects your dedication to the planet.

Begin Your Sustainable Journey: Owning an Off-Grid Caravan

If you’re ready to embark on eco-friendly adventures that resonate with your values, the Off-Grid Caravan is your key to responsible travel. To make this exceptional vehicle a part of your journey, explore Great Southern RV’s offerings and find the pathway to owning your very own Off-Grid Caravan.

Are you prepared to embark on an eco-conscious adventure? Learn more about how you can become a responsible traveler with the Off-Grid Caravan. Explore dealerships, delve into purchasing options, and uncover potential financing to transform your sustainable journey into reality.

Floor Plans

Key Features


  • Hybrid Frame: Aluminium front, back & roof with the industry’s thickest timber wall construction
  • Stylish, modern furniture with Lotus Caravans unique interlocking cabinetry
  • Premium range of matte & gloss laminate benchtops
  • Contemporary matte black sinks, taps & hardware pack
  • Residential grade soft close drawers with solid side support
  • Toughened residential grade hinge assembly
  • European-made vinyl floor
  • Italian leather lounge seating
  • Structural grade one-piece timber floor base
  • Bulkheads with strip lights
  • Mesh & block-out blinds
  • Uniquely designed ergonomic floorplans


  • 224L 12V compressor fridge
  • Fusion ultimate sound package:
  • – Fusion Apollo 770 System – AM/FM/Bluetooth/USB/ Wi-Fi, DAB+ Ready
  • – Fusion corner speakers in bedroom and lounge
  • – Fusion external sound panel
  • – Dual remote controls fitted
  • Euro-style front/top load washing machine
  • Dometic Harrier reverse cycle air-con & heating unit
  • Dust reduction system (DRS)
  • Reversing camera
  • Thetford gas oven or mini grill*
  • Slimline range hood
  • 25L microwave except in 16’6”
  • Safety pack: Gas, smoke alarms & fire extinguisher
  • King Jack antenna
  • 24” 12V smart TV
  • Explorer plug with feed to all TV points


  • 2x 95L water tanks
  • 1x grey water tank
  • On-demand endless hot water service
  • 12V water pump
  • Ceramic toilet
  • One-piece fibreglass shower cubicle
  • Ceramic ensuite basin
  • Large kitchen sink
  • 3-way kitchen tap with filter
  • 2x gas bottles
  • Gas bayonet
  • External shower
  • Water tap on stone guard


  • Available ATM options – 3.5t to 4.4t
  • G&S Control Rider Twin Shock independent suspension
  • Lotus Caravans exclusive truss chassis
  • Supergal charcoal off-road chassis
  • Cooper Tyres toughest AT tyres on custom 17” Lotus Caravans wheels
  • DO45 coupling + Kojack + heavy duty chains
  • 12” off-road brakes
  • Drop-down stabiliser jacks
  • Galvanised bumper bar
  • Aluminium entry step
  • Recovery points
  • Galvanised jerry can holders
  • Break-away strap
  • 60mm clamp on A-frame


  • REDARC Battery Management System
  • 200Ah of lithium power – Enerdrive
  • 800W of solar power
  • Complete NARVA LED lights:
  • – Downlights
  • – Reading lights
  • – Tunnel boot lights
  • – Strip lighting throughout
  • – Anti-insect annexe lights
  • Entry step lights switched at handle
  • Push-button resettable fuses
  • Front and rear work lights, large work light on front – with external switch
  • 12 pin plug with Anderson
  • Extra Anderson plug for portable solar panel
  • Double GPOs throughout
  • 12V Sirocco fans
  • External power point
  • Reversing camera


  • New 2023 Stealth graphic kit
  • German marine-grade composite panel in a range of exclusive colours
  • Flat top toolbox on A-Frame
  • Thick checkerplate body armour
  • Mesh stone guard with heavy duty Lotus Caravans mudflaps
  • Double-glazed tinted windows
  • Easy-to-use premium awning
  • External entertainment pack
  • Triple lock entry door with aluminium security mesh & roll up blind
  • Dust reduction system (DRS)
  • 12V Points above wheels for air compressor

Embracing Sustainable Living on Eco-Friendly Adventures

As you embrace the world of eco-conscious travel, the Off-Grid Caravan becomes your bridge to living in harmony with nature. Its eco-friendly outdoor features are designed to seamlessly blend your journey with the environment, ensuring your adventure aligns with your values.

A Sustainable Outdoor Lifestyle

Imagine waking up to the gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing melody of birdsong. The outdoor spaces of the Off-Grid Caravan embody eco-friendly living, offering setups that support your adventure while respecting the environment. From sustainable outdoor amenities to setups that honor the natural world, every moment spent outdoors becomes a celebration of sustainability.

Creating Unforgettable Eco-Conscious Memories with Loved Ones

Sharing an eco-conscious journey with loved ones is a precious experience. The spaciousness and family-friendly features of the Off-Grid Caravan make it the perfect choice for family trips, romantic getaways, and outings with friends. It’s a space where you can forge lasting memories while cherishing the environment that envelops you.


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