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Whether your children are little or grown up with their own families, purchasing a family caravan from Great Southern RV provides enough space for everyone in your family. Our expert team knows that no two families are exactly the same. That's why we have developed a comprehensive series of family caravan interior floorplan designs to cater to your family's unique needs.

Our modern family caravans are some of the best in the industry. They contain extensive storage, bunk beds, multimedia entertainment systems, a full ensuite bathroom, and full-size kitchen appliances - including a refrigerator and washing machine. Here is why you can rely on Great Southern RV for all your family caravan purchasing needs in Australia!

The Great Southern RV Difference

Great Southern RVs is here to provide you with the knowledge and assistance you need regarding semi-off-road caravans. We'll strive to provide you with the best service possible.

Here is what distinguishes us from other semi-off-road caravan dealers in Adelaide:

Semi-Off-Road Caravan Features

Here are some essential features to check when choosing a semi-off-road caravan.

Checker Plate

We install checker plates on the front and sides of our semi-off-road caravans to shield them from rock chips. The checker plate improves the appearance of the vans by preventing any stone chip damage. All our semi-off-road caravans look fabulous, updated, and improved, thanks to the checker plate. We remove the corner edge moulds and position the caravan checker plate underneath them as we install the caravan checker plate to achieve a precise seal and a professional appearance.

Independent Suspension

For semi-off-road caravans, two short axles are not interconnected in an independent suspension. Such suspension is ideal for semi-off-road caravans as it reduces the impact of any damage to one wheel on the other. The independent suspension system also allows you to adjust the toe and camber of the wheels and offer the caravan extra ground clearance. Additionally, independent coil or airbag systems are often used with independent suspensions since they can absorb shock better. However, it’s crucial to remember that coil springs can compress and may require replacement over time.

What Makes a Semi-Off-Road Caravan?

Semi-off-road caravans operate similarly to conventional off-road caravans despite having semi-off-road suspension. The caravan's suspension operates similarly to a car's suspension. Semi-off-road trailers usually use standard leaf springs as springs.

Their larger wheels and improved ground clearance tyres allow them to traverse tough terrain when the chassis is raised high enough. The best thing about semi-off-road caravans is that they can go on off-road paths as they have wider tyres and superior suspension. They are also lighter compared to off-road caravans.

Semi-Off-Road Caravan Models

We have two semi-off-road caravans models at Great Southern RV. They include Gravity and Tribal Gravity.


You will experience the magic of the adventure while travelling on rough roads, thanks to Gravity, our standard semi-off-road caravan version. It features an Alko Rubber Torsion 2.7-ton suspension and 265/75/R16 tyres and wheels for a single axle. It uses a 3.3-ton two-shock Cruisemaster or Tuff Ride independent suspension and 235/75R15 tyres for double axles. It also features a smooth interior, a 4-inch deck, a 6-inch A-frame, and a 4-inch chassis raiser.

Tribal Gravity

Our premium semi-off-road caravan is Tribal Gravity which is suitable for family outings. It features a 2.7-ton Alko rubber Torsion suspension with 265/75/R16 tyres for a single-axle. Thanks to the Tribal's extra-large bunks, lounge space, and top-quality amenities, you will have the perfect family holiday in this caravan. The model also includes a Dometic IBIS 4 air conditioner, a washing machine, a 24V power supply, an amp battery, a solar panel, a bug-free anti-glare LED strip light around the caravan, a bug-free awning light, a microwave, a Dometic 224L 3-way refrigerator, and an HD LED TV.

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Great Southern RV offers the best semi-off-road caravans in Adelaide. Our semi-off-road caravans are designed to withstand Australia's rugged terrain and can travel to practically any place across Australia. They are not only built to be powerful but also to be attractive and comfy. They have many luxurious features and layouts and will be sure to please.

We can supply you with a Gravity if you need a semi-off-road caravan or you can also choose the Tribal Gravity semi-off-road model, which is bigger and more comfortable. Contact us now to request a quote.

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