6 Ways To Keep Your Caravan Cool In Summer

Does your new caravan feel like an oven during summer? Do you want to know how to keep things comfortable inside the caravan on a hot Aussie summer’s day?

Summer holidays are there to enjoy but a hot caravan will make things uncomfortable and inconvenient for everyone inside.

If you bring your whole family along and everybody is inside a hot caravan, the heat will become unbearable and not just because of the temperature. Thankfully, there are ways to cool things down.

Here are a few ways to keep your caravan cool in summer:

1). Think about insulation

If you have an older caravan, it is unlikely to have insulation in the walls. If you are already thinking of renovating your caravan, then this is the perfect time to add good-quality insulation to the walls.

Keep in mind that insulation not only matters in the winter months but also in the summer months. It will keep your caravan cooler on hot summer days.

2). Parking location

The more the surface of your caravan is exposed to the sun, the hotter it is going to be inside. One of the most effective ways to keep things cool inside your RV is to park it in shade. Invest in a sunshade or a privacy screen to prevent direct sunlight exposure on the backside of the RV.

You might also want to get a caravan awning on the door side as these will not only help in keeping the sunlight off but also provide some useful space to stretch out and relax in shade.

Think of setting up a camp near a body of water, whenever possible. There will be a few degrees of temperature difference and that is all you may need to keep everything comfortable.

3). Paint the roof

A relatively inexpensive way to cool down your caravan is to use reflective paint on the roof. It will reflect the sunlight and also prevent the indoors from heating up. Don’t overthink it as reflective paint makes a significant difference indoors.

4). Travel during daytime

If your schedule allows, you should try to travel as much as possible during peak afternoon hours as this is when the sun is shining the most and is at its hottest. You can keep the air conditioning in the car running to keep things comfortable and cool inside. Once the sun starts going down, you can park your caravan and relax for the evening.

5). Pay attention to ventilation

Proper ventilation goes a long way in keeping things cool inside your caravan. Whenever possible, keep all the windows and doors open in the evenings and early mornings. This will help in venting out hot air from the inside and will also increase air circulation.

Also, hot air inside your RV will start building up at the top. If your van has a pop top, open it to let the hot air escape. Don’t forget to have fly screens to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from getting in.

Invest in a decent fan. You will some decent fans for less than $20. When air circulates, it keeps things comfortable as the human body tolerates moving hot air much better compared to still, hot air.

6). Cook outside the RV

Everyone’s got to eat but it does not mean that you have to cook inside your caravan. When you are taking your caravan out in the summer months, it makes more sense to cook outdoors. It will prevent the build-up of heat inside the van and also keeps things relatively clean.

Final Thoughts

Overall, keeping things cool inside a caravan is achievable provided you pay attention to a few things. Invest in a good quality awning and make sure the caravan is ventilated to allow hot air inside to escape. Also, try to cook outside as much as possible and park your RV near a body of water and under shade, whenever possible.

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