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Owning a caravan opens doors to freedom and adventure, but financing can often be a challenge. That’s why securing the right loan is crucial. Great Southern RV simplifies caravan finance, offering competitive rates and flexible plans that bring your caravan dreams to life.

Caravan Finance

Understanding Caravan Finance

How Caravan Finance Works

Caravan finance is a specialised loan designed specifically for purchasing caravans. Unlike traditional loans, it considers the unique nature of caravans and their value over time. The process is straightforward: apply, receive approval, and get your funds.

With a loan tailored to your needs, Great Southern RV ensures you have the flexibility to choose your perfect caravan and a repayment plan that suits your lifestyle.

Caravan Finance

Types of Caravan Finance

Secured Loans

Your caravan serves as collateral, helping you secure a better rate. However, if repayments aren't met, the caravan can be repossessed.

Unsecured Loads

No collateral is needed, but this comes with higher interest rates and stricter approval criteria.

Personal Loan

Cover both new and pre-owned caravans, offering flexible terms but typically at higher interest rates.

Each option has unique pros and cons, and Great Southern RV’s experts help you navigate the best choice.

Caravan Finance Options

Caravan Finance

Affordable Caravan Finance

Great Southern RV is dedicated to making caravan ownership achievable. Affordable finance options and flexible repayment schedules ensure that you find a solution that matches your budget without breaking the bank.

Caravan Finance

Best Caravan Finance Rates

Great Southern RV offers some of the most competitive interest rates in the industry. Compare and see the savings yourself — lower rates mean more cash for your travels.

Caravan Finance

Flexible Caravan Finance

Tailor your loan with Great Southern RV’s flexible finance solutions. Whether it's adjusting repayment dates or modifying loan terms, the team is committed to working around your needs.

Caravan Finance

Quick Approval Process

Apply online or in person for a fast, hassle-free approval process. Great Southern RV makes securing your caravan loan swift, with instant decisions so you can drive away sooner.

Caravan Finance in Adelaide

Caravan Finance Adelaide

For caravan finance in Adelaide, Great Southern RV is the trusted local source. Competitive financing options cater to the specific needs of Adelaide customers, with an emphasis on personal service.

Caravan Finance
Caravan Finance

Local Caravan Loan Providers

Local knowledge matters. Great Southern RV understands the Adelaide market and its customers, ensuring personalised service that aligns with your lifestyle.

Compare Caravan Finance Options


Compare Caravan Finance

Great Southern RV simplifies the comparison process with a clear outline of rates, terms, and features across various loan options. Choose the perfect fit for your travel aspirations.


Secure Caravan Financing

The secure financing process protects your information at every step. Great Southern RV values your trust and ensures your journey to caravan ownership is safe and stress-free.

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