Tribal 2ourer

Picture yourself navigating through challenging landscapes, stumbling upon hidden treasures, and forging enduring memories enveloped by the breathtaking allure of nature’s wonders. If you’re seeking a blend of luxury and adventure, the Tribal 2ourer Caravan by Great Southern RV is your ticket to unparalleled exploration.

The Tribal 2ourerCaravan Advantage

When it comes to off-road adventure camping, the Tribal 2ourer Caravan stands in a league of its own. Designed by Great Southern RV, this caravan is more than a mode of transportation – it's a mobile sanctuary tailored for adventurers seeking both luxury and ruggedness. Equipped with off-road prowess that grants you access to nature's core, this caravan guarantees an adventure as exhilarating as your destination. Whether conquering demanding terrains or indulging in relaxation with flair, the Tribal 2ourer Caravan provides a comprehensive answer to your outdoor dreams.

Embarking on adventures amidst the great outdoors is an undeniable passion for outdoor enthusiasts. The Tribal 2ourer Caravan takes this passion to new heights, becoming your ultimate hub for limitless exploration. Whether you're in search of awe-inspiring vistas, secluded campsites, or heart-pounding trails, this caravan opens doors to the most captivating corners of the globe.

Elevated Camping Comfort

Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for adventure. The Tribal 2ourer Caravan introduces a new era of luxury camping, effortlessly merging opulence with the exhilaration of outdoor adventures. Step inside and be greeted by a lavish interior that rivals the finest hotels. From sumptuous sleeping quarters to state-of-the-art amenities, every inch is meticulously designed to provide the utmost comfort while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Personalised Exploration: Customising Features for Outdoor Journeys

Tailoring Your Xplora Caravan

Elevate your off-road journey by customising the Xplora Caravan to match your outdoor preferences. You can personalise your travel experience through an array of exterior add-ons, off-road accessories, and equipment tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. This travel trailer surpasses mere transportation; it’s a blank canvas for your off-road adventure, offering you the opportunity to create a space that embodies the rugged essence of your adventurous spirit.

Venturing into New Frontiers: Performance and Off-Road Exploration

Crafted for Wilderness Expeditions

The Xplora Caravan’s features are thoughtfully designed to cater to the requirements of off-road expeditions. The interiors are crafted with durability in mind, guaranteeing that your travel experience remains resolute. With sturdy sleeping arrangements and all-terrain conveniences, you’re well-prepared to conquer the wilderness without sacrificing comfort. Navigating Nature with Confidence: Performance and Off-Road Exploration The Xplora Caravan stands by your side as you embrace the untamed wilderness.

Conquering the Outdoors with Confidence

Navigate rugged terrains with confidence as the Xplora Caravan boasts off-road suspensions, off-grid power solutions, and stability systems. The practicality of off-road travel is seamlessly integrated into every aspect, ensuring that you can venture into distant landscapes with the confidence of a reliable and capable travel companion.

Start Your Off-Road Journey: Owning an Xplora Caravan

Bringing Off-Road Adventure to Your Travels

Eager to set forth on a path of off-road exploration? Acquiring an Xplora Caravan ushers you into a realm of rugged adventure. Explore the offerings at Great Southern RV dealerships, where a team of dedicated experts stands ready to turn your off-road dreams into tangible experiences. Discover a spectrum of purchasing avenues and potential financing solutions, and let the Xplora Caravan stand as the epitome of your unbridled journey.

Conquer new horizons, embrace the wild, and redefine adventure with the Xplora Caravan by Great Southern RV. With its off-road capabilities, rugged design, and unwavering durability, this travel trailer becomes your steadfast companion in embracing the exhilaration of outdoor exploration. Your journey of off-road adventure awaits – are you ready to take the first step?

Off-Grid Adventures

Picture yourself embracing off-grid travel with the Tribal 2ourer Caravan as your steadfast companion. Harness the power of the sun with integrated solar systems, ensure self-sufficiency with ample water storage, and relish the freedom of exploring untamed landscapes without sacrificing modern comforts. With the Tribal 2ourer Caravan, off-grid doesn't mean disconnected – it means experiencing the world on your terms.

Floor Plans

Key Features


  • Large internal storage space with large drawers
  • Modern, stylish interiors
  • Piano hinged cupboards
  • Premium automotive grade, modern style vinyl
  • Dual density comfortable lounges
  • Recess footrest to dinette seats (according to your floorplan)
  • Ball bearing drawer runners
  • Premium brushed door & drawer catches (as per your build selection)
  • Block out blinds and pulldown mesh screens to all windows
  • Large size double gazed windows
  • Stylish Acrylic finished cabinetry
  • Recessed stove cover with laminated lid over stove
  • Pull-out pantries (as per floorplan)
  • Premium Acrylic splash-backs
  • Anti- fingerprint cupboard doors (Optional at no cost)
  • Large stylish Grab handle on entry wall at door


  • Double roller sliding door to Ensuite
  • Corner cupboards for bedrooms (as per your floor plan)
  • Premium quality drawers for all your goods (wherever possible)
  • Niches in wardrobes to keep your phones
  • Main entry door pantry (wherever it is possible)
  • LED reading lights at bed head & dinette with phone charging USB
  • 12V USB & 240V in nooks
  • Catchless cupboard doors for additional security (as per your build selection)
  • 6’2’’ innerspring mattress and pillow top
  • Premium quality LED rood hatches with LED lights in bedroom, lounge, and kitchen
  • Wireless LED remote awning and ceiling light throughout the caravan
  • Posture adjustable slatted bed frame on gas struts 9 as per your floor plan)
  • Ensuite mirror
  • 6’2’’ long bunks
  • 2 or 3 bunks


  • 150 W Solar panel
  • 100 AMP AGM Battery
  • PM300-BT projecta Battery management System
  • 24’’ HD LED TV with USB (12V)
  • 25 L Microwave
  • Water tank gauges
  • Sound system with Bluetooth/CD/MP3 with 2 x Internal Speakers
  • Smoke alarm
  • LED Light bar in kitchen and vanity
  • HV Winegard TV antenna
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Dometic IBIS 4 Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
  • Dometic 224 L 3 Way Fridge / Freezer ( can option for a Compressor Fridge)
  • Swift stove with 3*Gas and 1*Electrical element, Grill and Full Oven
  • Premium quality Front Loader floor or Wall Mounted Washing machine according to build selection (If floor mounted – 4 kg & Wall Mounted 3 kg)
  • 240V outputs to each bunk
  • Reading lights with USB charger to each bunk


  • Full length tunnel boot with lights inside
  • External 12 V, TV antenna outlet and 240 V power outlet
  • LED Rear Tail Lights
  • External gas bayonet to the awning side of the caravan for BBQ
  • Premium 3-point locking system, alloy SecuraMesh door
  • External TV Bracket
  • Prime quality fiberglass roof
  • One-piece floor as per your build selection
  • Anderson plug to charge battery while driving
  • Grab handle at entry door with push button LED light
  • 2 x External Marine Grade speakers
  • External storage compartments with marine hatches
  • Single Pul out step
  • Dometic roll out awning
  • Built in external generator compartment ( as per your build selection)
  • Wheel arch aluminum checker plate armour moulds
  • Premium quality picnic table with LED lights
  • Bug free awning light (Anti Dazzle awning light to keep bugs away)

chassis & protection

  • If Dual axel – 2.9 t -3.5 t Roller Rocker Suspension (according to floor plan you choose) with 235/75R15 tyres
  • If single axel – 2.8 T Cruisemaster or Tuffride with 12’’ brakes (according to floor plan you choose) with 265/75R16 tyres
  • Supagal chassis with Australian RHS steel
  • Rear 3 arm bumper bar
  • 6’’ draw bar with 4’’ chassis and 2’’ chassis raiser
  • Mesh basket in A frame
  • Mud flaps to avoid stones


  • Flick mixer taps
  • All in one display water tank level indicators
  • Tap on A Frame with guard
  • Vanity basin
  • Water mains pressure
  • Hidden plumbing and waste lines inside cabinetry (Wherever is possible)
  • Gas or Electric hot water system
  • Fresh water tanks with stone guard
  • Premium quality Front Loader floor or Wall Mounted Washing machine according to build selection (If floor mounted – 4 kg & Wall Mounted 3 kg)
  • Dometic or Thetford Toilet (according to the floor plan)
  • Lockable eater filler to each water tank
  • Large single grey eater outlet

Embracing Innovation:Enhancing Outdoor Living with Technology

A Glimpse into the Future of Outdoor Living

Embrace the upcoming era of outdoor adventures with the Gravity Caravan. Picture smart outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrate technology into your environment. Imagine outdoor amenities seamlessly linked through technology and relaxation spots powered by innovation – your outdoor experiences are on the cusp of newfound sophistication and ease. It’s not solely about outdoor living; it’s embracing a tech-savvy outdoor lifestyle.

Creating Memorable Tech Journeys with Loved Ones

The great outdoors transforms into your playground with the 2ourer Caravan. Picture modular outdoor spaces that conform to your activities – whether it’s a cosy campfire setup, a practical outdoor kitchen, or a serene lounge area. Embark on diverse outdoor escapades and let the 2ourer Caravan flexibly adapt to your evolving needs, creating moments as dynamic as the landscapes surrounding you.

Your Next Adventure Awaits

As you set out on your quest for the ultimate adventure, think of the Tribal 2ourer Caravan by Great Southern RV as your trusted companion in exploration. Think beyond just a means of travel – the Tribal 2ourer Caravan by Great Southern RV opens up a realm of thrilling off-road adventures, luxurious camping experiences, and uncharted explorations. It’s not just a caravan; it’s your invitation to exciting journeys that await. Are you ready to step into a world of boundless possibilities? Unleash your inner adventurer, embrace the call of the wild, and elevate your outdoor escapades with the Tribal 2ourer Caravan.

Are you prepared to begin your next adventure? Explore the Tribal 2ourer Caravan’s features and make it yours with Great Southern RV. Your luxury off-road camping journey starts here.


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