Introducing the Daydream by Retreat Caravans – your gateway to a journey that promises relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deep connection with nature. Discover the art of serene travel and immerse yourself in tranquil escapist adventures. In a world where peace is a precious commodity, the demand for serene travel experiences is on the rise.

The Daydream is designed to meet this demand, offering a perfect blend of luxury and practicality, ensuring your travels are not only comfortable but also deeply enriching and restorative. Embrace the ultimate travel experience with the Daydream, where every journey becomes a peaceful retreat.

Daydream - Interior


Retreat Caravans aims to provide a haven of comfort, ensuring a restful sleep wherever your travels take you. The Daydream transforms the concept of a home away from home with its distinctive internal features.

This rugged caravan boasts plush seating, a climate control system, drawers that softly close on their own, sleek benchtops with rolled edges, a shower entirely encased in fiberglass, and a heating system powered by gas.


Off-roading often brings to mind a rugged exterior, but the Daydream sets a new standard. It is equipped with a front-mounted toolbox, an entertainment hatch for outdoor TV viewing, convenient shower compartments, and a tank for greywater storage.

The protective wheel covers, designed to complement the caravan’s sides, along with contemporary double-glazed windows, ensure your caravan excels not only in functionality but in aesthetics as well.

Daydream Exterior

Chassis and Suspension

The Daydream is engineered for durability and performance, featuring a 4.4T independent suspension and laser-cut truss chassis for unmatched stability. Equipped with 17” Racer Rims, 12” brakes, and a robust 6″ A-Frame extended by 450mm, it’s designed for the long haul.

Additional features include a 3-arm bumper bar with a jerry can holder, D045 coupling, and 40mm composite flooring. Safety and convenience are enhanced with Mickey Thompson Baja Tyres, making the Daydream a reliable companion for adventure seekers.


The Daydream offers 14 flexible layouts to suit various needs, featuring a café lounge, shower and toilet with vanity, and a fully equipped kitchen. It includes practical storage solutions like a pull-out pantry and extra cupboards. The layouts are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for both short trips and extended journeys.

Daydream - Interior

Personalised Peace: Tailoring Features to Enhance Tranquility

Customising Your Daydream

Your journey to tranquility is uniquely yours. Retreat Caravans offer a range of customization options that allow you to tailor your travel trailer to your preferences. Choose from interior configurations that reflect your personal style. Explore add-on accessories that enhance both functionality and serenity. Create a space that aligns with your vision of a peaceful escape, and experience travel like never before.

Floor Plans

Key Features


  • 4.4t Independent Suspension
  • Laser Cut Truss Chassis
  • 17” Racer Rims
  • 12” Brakes
  • 6″ A Frame
  • 450mm Extended A Frame
  • 3-Arm Bumper Bar
  • 1xJerry Can Holder on Bumper Bar
  • D035 Coupling
  • Composite Flooring
  • 4×2 Main Bearers
  • Spare Wheel
  • Skid Plates
  • Pull Out Step
  • SuperGal Chassis
  • 2x9kg Gas Bottles
  • General 970 Rims
  • Mickey Thompson Baja Tyres
  • Recovery Points


  • Laminate Splashback
  • Door Curtain
  • Self-closing Extension Drawer Runners
  • Microwave
  • Innerspring Mattress
  • 12V Rangehood
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Diamond Series Upholstery
  • 2 Towel Rails
  • Upholstered Seatbases
  • Upholstered Magazine Holder
  • Full height Head Bump
  • Full Height Bed Head
  • Dometic Series 7 Pro Air Con
  • Fully Fiberglassed Shower
  • Premium Bathroom Accessories
  • Premium Power Switches
  • Foot Rests
  • Contemporary Style Furniture
  • Premium Colour Flush Handles
  • Ambient Interior Lighting
  • Mirrored Shower Door


  • One Piece Roof
  • RXP Construction
  • Tool Box On A Frame
  • Tub Lined Tunnel Boot
  • Stone Deflector on A Frame
  • Rounded Entry Door
  • Shower Lockers
  • TV Entertainment Hatch
  • 1x Skylight
  • Higher Checker Plate Side Protection
  • Rear Checker Plate Protection
  • Roll Out Awning
  • Check Plate Pebble Guard
  • Modern Double Glazed Windows
  • Caravan Jack
  • Checker Plate Tail Lights Housing
  • Picnic Table with Map of Australia
  • Maxxfan Deluxe with Rain Dome In Bedroom
  • DRS2 Dust Reduction System
  • 2 Sets Of Tail Lights


  • 5000W Smart Inverter
  • 7.1 kWh Lithium Battery
  • DC / DC Charger
  • Premium Audio System
  • Sway Control
  • Reading Lamp/USB Combo
  • Light in Stepwell
  • 1x Floodlight
  • 4 Exterior Bugproof Lights
  • 2 Outside Speakers
  • Reverse Camera + Monitor
  • 2 Roof Speakers
  • 800W Commercial Grade Solar
  • TV Antenna
  • Robe Cut Out With Light & Power
  • 24″ Smart TV & Arm
  • 2x12V Fans
  • Flood Light
  • External 240 Point
  • External 12V Point


  • 274Lt Compressor Fridge
  • Ceramic Cassette Toilet
  • Gas Bayonet
  • Gas Heater
  • Water Filter
  • Instant Gas Hot Water Service
  • Outside Shower
  • Exterior Plumbing Pipe
  • Protection
  • Top Loader 3.5kg Washing Machine
  • Galvanised Water Tank Guards
  • 1x110Lt Grey Water Tank
  • 2x110Lt Water Tanks
  • Manifold System
  • Premium Colour Tap and Sinks

Unveiling Escape: Elevating Outdoor Living

Embracing Nature's Serenity

Step outside your Daydream and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. These travel trailers are expertly crafted to effortlessly link you with the outdoors, establishing a setting where serenity flourishes. Incorporating nature seamlessly enables you to embrace the world around you, while outdoor relaxation areas encourage you to unwind in the midst of nature’s gentle embrace. It’s a sanctuary of tranquility eagerly awaiting your exploration.

Creating Serene Moments with Loved Ones

Share the gift of serenity with your loved ones. Retreat Caravans are family-friendly havens that offer ample space for cherished moments. Social spaces are designed to bring people together, fostering connections and creating lasting memories. Gather under the open sky, share stories around the campfire, and experience the joy of escape with those who matter most.

Begin Your Tranquil Adventure:Owning a Daydream Caravan

Bringing Tranquility Home

Unwind, rejuvenate, and escape into the peaceful embrace of Retreat Caravans. With an emphasis on tranquility, comfort, and serenity, our caravans invite you to embark on a journey where every moment is a meditation, and every mile is a step closer to your peaceful haven. Your tranquil adventure awaits – are you ready to embrace it?


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