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Where To Buy The Best Touring Caravans In Australia?

With most people choosing to explore the Australian bush instead of travelling overseas, touring caravans make an ideal home away from home for them. At Great Southern RV, our expert team is ready to work with you to customise the ideal layout and design of your touring caravan in order to suit your unique needs and budget.

Whether you plan to travel by yourself, with your partner, or bring the entire family along for the ride, we can offer you a touring caravan that will tick all of your boxes. In fact, our wide range of floor plans will meet your every need - from superior comforts and kitchen facilities to clever storage and bunk layouts.

Great Southern RV is your one-stop shop for all of your caravan purchasing, servicing, and repair needs in Adelaide. Here is why you can rely on Great Southern RV for all of your outdoor travelling needs!


What Makes Us Different?

Adelaide's Premium Touring Caravan Dealership!

At Great Southern RV, our expert team has always been future-focused. We have over 25 years of experience in the caravan business and customer service. Our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality touring caravans to our customers across Australia has seen us grow into a leading caravan dealership synonymous with quality and innovation.

Our family caravans are made with a stunning blend of practicality, safety, and comfort. In fact, our vehicles are distinguished by their premium quality and carefully planned designs. We take pride in combining maximum functionality with minimalist design, as well as a feeling of a cozy place to call home.

Touring Caravans Designed To Take On Nature's Toughest Elements

Even though Australia has numerous natural wonders to explore, they can be quite harsh to traverse. That's why all of our new touring caravans come with an ADR-compliant hot dip galvanized chassis. These caravans are developed and tested using a 7-post rig that could replicate over 20,000 km of travel around the country. These unique chassis deliver an unparalleled level of safety and handling and are specifically designed for the road ahead.

Proven Reliability

The touring caravans we offer are designed to take you anywhere with proven reliability. They include the most reliable suspension system available in the industry today. In fact, our touring caravans are equipped with military-grade suspension systems in order to guarantee the comfort and safety of their users. We offer many attributes that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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