Discoverance Series

Step into a world where innovation meets the great outdoors – The Discoverance Series by Great Southern RV. If you’re a tech-savvy explorer in search of the ultimate futuristic camping adventure, your pathway awaits right here.

Unveiling the Future of Outdoor Adventure

In a world where outdoor exploration is rapidly evolving, the demand for innovative travel accommodations has reached new heights. Behold the Discoverance Series, a transformative force that is redefining the way we embark on journeys of discovery.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow: Discover the Discoverance Series

At the heart of this revolution, Discoverance Series, a collection of travel trailers that have rewritten the playbook on outdoor living. Get ready to be amased by things that fit together perfectly – really cool technology and designs that are super comfy. This makes a whole new level of camper trailers.

It’s not just camping; it’s like going on a trip into the future of exploring outdoors. Picture a place where smart technology makes everything better, and how things are made is all about making you comfy. Just think about stepping into this world of outdoor fun, where the Discoverance Series calls you to be part of how things are changing.

Innovating Comfort: Charting a New Path in Interior Design

Reshaping Interior Comfort and Aesthetics

Step into a world of futuristic interior design, where every little space is carefully designed to be useful and look great. They’ve used space smartly, made layouts that are cozy, and added a modern style that turns it into a comfortable place reflecting what’s to come.

Enriching the Camping Lifestyle with Tech

Imagine going on a journey wrapped in cool technology with the Discoverance Series. From smart systems that know what you need to eco-friendly solutions that care about the planet, these camper trailers change how you stay close to nature while enjoying modern comforts.

Beyond Conventions:Mastering Performance and Exploration

Conquering Uncharted Territories

The Discoverance Series thrives where others falter – off-grid and remote adventures. Armed with advanced off-road capabilities and a rugged construction, these trailers empower you to traverse terrains that others only dream of. The possibilities are as boundless as your curiosity.

Seamlessly Wired for Exploration

Connectivity and utility are second nature to the Discoverance Series. Every onboard system is designed with user-friendly controls, ensuring that you’re always in command of your adventure. Entertainment options blend seamlessly with your surroundings, creating an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

Tailoring Dreams:Personalisation for Modern Explorers

Crafting Your Unique Discoverance RV

Flexibility is at the core of the Discoverance Series. With a range of customisation options, you have the power to shape your travel companion to align with your vision. Elevate your exterior, curate your interior layout, and infuse tech upgrades that cater to your journey’s rhythm.

Floor Plans

Key Features


  • Raiser 2”
  • Standard chassis 4″
  • A Frame 6″
  • Bumper bar with 2 arms
  • Supergal chassis with standard EYE to EYE Axle (2900)
  • Wheels 15″ 15 x 235
  • 4 wheel electric brakes
  • Jacking points
  • Jockey wheel ( Centre mounted )
  • 4 x Corner stands ( Drop legs )
  • 2 x Gas cylinder holders ( 2 x 9.5kg )
  • 1 Spare wheel


  • Shower and toilet
  • Single sink
  • Vanity
  • Water tank with gauge
  • Tap on A frame
  • Washing machine – Top Loader


  • Bunk beds x 2
  • Separate Shower and Toilet
  • Club Lounge
  • 12 Volt rangehood
  • Microwave
  • 3 x Gas stove top + 1 electric Mini Grill
  • Swift HWS
  • Fridge/freezer 182 litres – Thetford
  • Heavy duty vinyl floors
  • 12 Volt exhaust fan hatch x 2 ( ensuite )
  • Inner spring queen mattress
  • Padded bed head/Gas struts on bed
  • 19″ TV, Radio, DVD, MP3 Player
  • Smoke Alarm/Fire extinguisher
  • Reading lights to seating ,Bunks and bed sides
  • LED down lights
  • 2 x Mini Hatch with LED Light


  • White Cladding Aluminium
  • Front & Rear Alupanel
  • Checkered plate front
  • Checker Plate Side – 600mm
  • Annex light x 2
  • Air conditioning
  • Clearance light
  • Tail lights
  • Bargman light
  • Inlet/outlet power points
  • Battery and Charger
  • Plastic Grab handle x 4 (2 Front & 2 Rear)
  • Mudflaps
  • Dometic Antenna
  • Reflectors
  • Breakaway unit
  • Anderson plug
  • Solar Panel x 1
  • Triple security door
  • Awning
  • Euro windows
  • Insulated roof and walls

Futuristic Journeys Await: Elevating the User Experience

Elevating Camping to New Heights

The Discoverance Series paints a portrait of a camping lifestyle that transcends boundaries. Imagine waking up to integrated nature experiences, basking in the embrace of advanced amenities, and relishing the harmony between comfort and exploration.

Exploring with Companions

The vast spaces within the Discoverance RVs become canvases for shared adventures. Communal areas foster togetherness, entertainment provisions cater to all, and the camaraderie of group outings transforms your journey into a mosaic of memories.

Ownership Awaits: Your Path to the Discoverance RV

Making the Future Yours

Embarking on your Discoverance journey is seamless. Great Southern RV dealerships stand ready to guide you. The customisation process empowers you to shape your RV according to your aspirations, and flexible financing options ensure that the future is yours to embrace.

Experience the evolution of outdoor exploration with the Discoverance Series – where cutting-edge technology meets visionary design to craft a journey like no other. Your future adventure awaits.


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