Introducing the Fraser by Retreat Caravans, the ultimate in off-grid adventure. Step inside to experience a home away from home with plush seating, climate control, self-closing drawers, and a fiberglass-encased shower. The robust exterior boasts tub-lined tunnel storage, sleek sliding cladding, double-glazed windows, and checker plate protection.

Built on a Super Gal chassis with 3.7T independent suspension and Spider Rims, it offers unmatched durability. Equipped with a 250Ah lithium battery, 3 x 210W solar panels, and comprehensive plumbing, the Fraser ensures comfort and convenience on every off-road journey.



Retreat Caravans is dedicated to providing a sense of home wherever your travels take you, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep in any location. The Fraser embodies the essence of a portable sanctuary with its remarkable interior amenities.

This robust off-road caravan is equipped with cushioned seating, climate control for comfort, drawers that glide shut on their own, elegantly curved benchtops, and a shower area encased in durable fiberglass.


In enhancing the Fraser’s exterior, we deliberated on additional features that would elevate its appeal and functionality. As a result, this model boasts a tub-lined tunnel storage area, sleek sliding cladding, contemporary double-glazed windows, and robust checker plate protection on the sides and rear.

The inclusion of a Toolbox & Tunnel storage space simplifies packing and storage. Our goal for the Fraser is not just to turn heads with its aesthetics but to create a caravan that you’ll be excited to share with friends and family, reflecting your pride and joy.

Fraser - Chassis

Chassis and Suspension

The Fraser is engineered for resilience and performance, featuring a 3.7T independent suspension and robust 16 X 265 wheels with Spider Rims, ensuring stability and style. It’s built on a durable Super Gal chassis with a hollow channel design, 12” brakes for reliable stopping power, and a 6″ A-Frame for strength.

Convenience features include a jerry can holder, a 3-arm bumper bar, D035 coupling, and a pull-out step, making the Fraser a dependable choice for your off-grid adventures.


The Fraser offers 18 flexible layout options to suit different travel needs. From compact to spacious designs, each layout features a cozy café lounge, fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, and a luxurious bedroom with an innerspring queen mattress. The layouts are crafted to provide maximum comfort and convenience, whether you’re on a short trip or an extended adventure. With thoughtful inclusions like ample storage, self-closing drawers, and a fully fiberglassed shower, the Fraser ensures a comfortable and stylish home away from home.


Personalised Wilderness: Customising Features for Outdoor Explorations

Tailoring Your Fraser

Your wilderness journey is unique, and Retreat Caravans offer customisation options to match your outdoor preferences. Choose from a range of interior configurations that suit your style. Delve into a world of additional outdoor accessories that amplify your off-grid adventure, ranging from bike racks to rooftop tents. Tailored for nature enthusiasts, you have the chance to craft a travel companion as unique as your explorations.

Floor Plans

Key Features


  • 3.7T Independent Suspension
  • 16×265 Wheels
  • 12” Brakes
  • 6″ A Frame
  • Jerry Can Holder on Bumper Bar
  • 3-Arm Bumper Bar
  • D035 Coupling
  • Composite Flooring
  • 4×2 Main Bearers
  • 2″ Raiser
  • Spare Wheel
  • Pull Out Step
  • SuperGal Chassis
  • Hollow Channel Chassis
  • 2x9Kg Gas Bottles
  • Grid Rims


  • Laminate Splashback
  • Door Curtain
  • Self Closing Extension Drawer Runners
  • Microwave
  • Innerspring Mattress
  • 12V Rangehood
  • Mini Grill
  • Platinum Series Upholstery
  • 2 Towel Rails
  • Bonded Leather Upholstery
  • Upholstered Seatbases
  • Upholstered Magazine Holder
  • Full Height Head Bump
  • Full Height Bed Head
  • Doona & Pillows
  • Dometic Series 7 Pro Air Con
  • Fully Fibreglassed Shower
  • Black Bathroom Accessories
  • Contemporary Style Furniture
  • Ambient Interior Lighting


  • One Piece Roof
  • RXP Construction
  • Tub Lined Tunnel Boot
  • Rounded Entry Door
  • Smooth Walls
  • Toolbox on A Frame
  • Higher Checker Plate Side Protection
  • 1x Skylight
  • Checker Plate Wheel Spats
  • Roll Out Awning
  • Checker Plate Pebble Guard
  • Modern Double Glazed Windows
  • Caravan Jack
  • Checker Plate Rear Protection
  • Picnic Table With Map of Australia
  • DRS 2 Dust Reduction System
  • Checker Plate Tail Light Housing


  • 250 Amp Lithium Battery
  • 3x210W Solar Panels
  • DC/DC Charger
  • BMPro BMS with Odyssey Display
  • External TV Point
  • Premium Audio System
  • Sway Control
  • Reading Lamp/USB Combo
  • Light In Stepwell
  • 2 Outside Speakers
  • Reverse Camera + Monitor
  • 2 Roof Speakers
  • External 240 Point
  • TV Antenna
  • Robe Cut Out With Light & Power
  • 24″ Television
  • TV Arm
  • External 12V Point
  • 2 Exterior Bug Proof Lights
  • 2 x 12V Fans
  • Floodlight


  • LCD Digital Water Level Gauge
  • 224Lt Compressor Fridge
  • Ceramic Cassette Toilet
  • Gas Bayonet
  • Water Filter
  • Hot Water Service
  • Outside Shower
  • Exterior Plumbing Pipe Protection
  • Top loader 3.5kg Washing Machine
  • Galvanised Water Tank Guards
  • 1x110Lt Grey Water Tank
  • 2x110Lt Water Tanks
  • Manifold System
  • Black Basin
  • Black Sink Bowl
  • Black Tapware

Embracing the Outdoors: Enriching Open-Air Living

Immersive Wilderness Encounters

The true essence of outdoor adventure lies in immersive encounters, and Retreat Caravans deliver exactly that. Engineered to foster a deep connection with nature, these travel trailers encompass integrated experiences that invite you to wholeheartedly embrace the wild. Outdoor elements beckon you to revel in the splendor surrounding you, whether it’s stargazing from the comfort of your campsite or savoring a meal amidst awe-inspiring landscapes.

Crafting Outdoor Memories with Loved Ones

Share the delight of outdoor exploration with your dear ones. The Fraser offers spaciousness and family-oriented features that transform every journey into an unforgettable memory. Common areas are designed for connection, allowing you to convene for shared activities and meaningful conversations. Forge everlasting memories as you embark on nature-centric escapades that will be treasured across generations.

Equipped for Off-grid Exploration

Retreat Caravans are your partners in off-grid adventures. Conceived with robust systems and off-road prowess, they are positioned to conquer the most formidable terrains. Whether traversing rocky landscapes or embarking on expeditions to distant corners, the Fraser is tailored to resonate with your audacious spirit. Their design is centered around versatility, granting you the empowerment to venture into unexplored realms with steadfast confidence.

Navigating Nature with Unwavering Assurance

Traversing through outdoor landscapes demands assurance, and the Fraser delivers precisely that. Equipped with all-terrain capabilities and stability systems, you can tackle uneven terrains effortlessly. Their off-road readiness ensures that your journey remains seamless even amidst rugged challenges. It’s a travel experience unrestricted by roads, enabling you to access locales where nature’s marvels await.


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