Common Caravanning Mistakes To Avoid

Are you new to caravanning? Do you want to avoid common caravanning mistakes to ensure that you have an amazing caravanning experience? It’s exciting to set off on your first caravan and take in everything the great outdoors has to offer. However, if you are new to caravanning, you need to prepare accordingly to avoid the common mistakes made by caravanning enthusiasts. 

Read on below to learn more about the common mistakes to avoid when caravanning so that you can enjoy a safe and smooth trip every time.  

Going With The Wrong Caravan

When it comes to caravanning, always make sure that you choose the most suitable caravan instead of going with what is available. It is common to find travellers using caravans that are simply not a good fit for them. Before choosing a caravan, consider your needs as well as the demands of travelling to your preferred destinations. 

Take the time to consider the amenities you need, the number of people you will be travelling with, as well as the distance you intend to cover, among others. This way, you will have a clear idea of the type of caravan you need for your intended travel purposes.  

Skipping A Test Drive 

Before taking your caravan on a trip, take it out on a test drive. A test drive will help you find out if your caravan is in great running condition and make it possible for you to familiarise yourself with the caravan before your trip. If it’s your first time driving a caravan, a test drive will also help you get comfortable with its handling. A great way to get a feel of how your caravan drives is to take it on a few short trips, preferably to a nearby caravan park. Don’t forget to practise reversing and parking the caravan while you are at it.  

Common Caravanning Mistakes To Avoid

Overloading The Caravan

When it comes to caravan travel, overloading is probably one of the most serious mistakes you can make. To avoid this mistake, start by familiarising yourself with the caravan’s load capacity. Since most people do not include the weight of gas bottles and water from the tanks in their calculations on load capacity, be sure to seek clarification on the same. When packing your belongings in the caravan, remember to pack smart, leaving out any unnecessary things and avoiding filling the cupboards to the brim.

Remember to consider load distribution and vehicle weights when packing heavy items into the caravan and/or tow vehicle.    

Skimping On Maintenance 

Many owners forget to service their caravan on a regular basis. However, this is a huge mistake that can have a significant impact on the safety and reliability of your caravan on the road. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your dealer before heading off on your next trip. Some of the areas that dealers look at when servicing caravans include the suspension system, batteries, hitch, tyres, and bearings, among others. 

Failing To Plan Your Travel Route 

Planning your travel route beforehand will help you avoid a variety of problems during your trip. Take the time to identify the roads you intend to take, including backup routes in case some roads are impassable, mark any stopovers, and your final destination, whether that be a  camping site/caravan park or others. This way, you will know whether your caravan can fit any narrow roads or bridges along the route as well as whether the final site can accommodate your caravan.  

Final Thoughts 

With the above information in mind and in practice, you can confidently dive into your first caravanning adventure knowing that you have all your bases covered. If you are looking for a new or used caravan or would like to have your caravan serviced before your next trip, head over to Great Southern RV today!

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