What Features Should I Look For In A Caravan? 

Are you shopping for a new or used caravan? Confused by the sheer number of add-ons and options that caravans come equipped with? This article has got you covered. Continue reading for a list of some of the main essentials to look for in a caravan.


When buying a caravan, weight is one of the most important factors to consider. Before settling on a caravan, be sure to check whether its weight, including all the extras like solar panels, batteries, modifications and your luggage, does not exceed your car’s maximum towing capacity. Otherwise, you might have to upgrade your towing vehicle as well.

Quality Tow Hitch

The only point of contact between your caravan and the tow vehicle is the tow hitch. As such, you need to choose a high-quality tow hitch that is dependable and durable. When looking for the right tow hitch, it is always recommended that you go with one of the more popular brands. And, while conventional ball joints may suffice, they are prone to movement – which can be transferred to the tow vehicle, making for an unpleasant ride.

Quality Construction

A strong and well-constructed chassis is a must-have if you want to get the most from your caravan. A steel chassis is not only strong and durable but can also withstand a lot of abuse. For added protection against rust, choose a galvanized steel chassis. You should also look for added protection for any components located beneath the caravan like electrical wiring and plumbing if you intend to take the caravan off-road.

Space And Comfort

Another important feature to look for in a caravan is space and comfort. You will need a spacious caravan if you want to carry all the comforts of home with you during your travels. Furthermore, more space means that you can accommodate more people, say an entire family, in your caravan comfortably. To free up more space, you can look into fitting out the caravan with space-saving fittings and appliances including bunk beds – this way, no one has to sleep outside.

Convenient Set Up And Pack Up Process

An easy and effortless set-up and pack-up process make for convenient caravan use. No one wants to arrive at a camping site and then spend hours unhitching and setting up their caravan, only to repeat the same tedious procedure when packing up. Since different caravan models have different set-up and pack-up procedures, it is best to look for one with a simple process. With it, you can quickly unhitch and stabilize the caravan and free up the tow vehicle for unburdened driving.

Power System

You will need a reliable 12v power system if you intend to engage in some off-the-grid camping in your caravan. All the appliances in the caravan must be able to run off a self-sufficient system. Furthermore, the battery system must be accompanied by sufficient recharging systems that can be hooked up to a mains or solar power system.

Off-road Capability

Are you planning on venturing off-road on a regular basis during your caravanning escapades? If so, you will need to find a caravan that is suitable for off-road use. Some of the main features of such caravans include specialized chassis, high capacity clean water and grey water storage tanks, off-road suspension and tires, diesel generator and a solar power system among others.

Ventilation And Air Conditioning

Caravans normally get uncomfortably hot inside during the summer. As such, it is necessary to have roof ventilation and large windows, if you want to keep cool. You can also invest in a caravan that comes with air conditioning for added comfort – especially if you intend to camp at caravan parks with 240v mains power.

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