Check Out These Caravanning Ideas For Your Next Adventure

Where are the best places to go caravanning in Australia? Are there any tips and advice that should be taken into consideration when caravanning? With that said, here are a few top caravanning ideas for your next adventure, as well as tips and advice that will come in handy.

Visit East Arnhem Land In Northern Territory

One of the best places to go caravanning is the Northern Territory. More specifically, caravanners should look to spend time in East Arnhem, which is home to plenty of remote space. In fact, it is one of the most untouched locations in the state. Here’s a tip: make sure the caravan has an adequate cooling system because the area can be subjected to extreme heat.

While in East Arnhem, make sure to visit one of the many beaches. A few of the must-see beaches include Ngumuy beach, Garanhan beach, and Lurrupukurru beach. This is the perfect location for people who love fishing, relaxing, laying around the beach, swimming and exploring.

Exmouth In Western Australia

Head over to Exmouth in WA for endless adventures. Some of the top things caravanners can do include paying a visit to Ningaloo Aquarium, where visitors can check out an array of sea life. Other places caravanners should look to stop at while in Exmouth includes Jurabi Turtle Centre and the Exmouth Gulf.

However, perhaps the best place for adventure seekers is Cape Range National Park. Within the park is no shortage of breathtaking gorges and remote beaches. Make sure your phone camera is fully charged because there is plenty of impressive scenery to snap pictures of. It’s also worth noting that caravanners can book boat tours if they want to get out on the water to explore the area in a different light.

The trek will have people navigating through tough terrain, as well as crossing rivers that are infested with crocodiles. Also, the trek will require people to navigate over steep rocks and plenty of hills that will lead to the final destinations. Caravanners should pack all of the necessities they need if they plan on taking in this adventure.

Visit The Tallest Waterfall In Australia

Wallaman Falls is the highest single-drop waterfall in all of Australia. It is located within Girringun National Park in Queensland, which means after viewing the waterfall there are plenty of other things for explorers to check out. The waterfall and the area it’s located in are referred to as the Wet Tropics, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

South Point, Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

The southernmost point in mainland Australia is located in Wilsons Promontory National Park. Caravanners have plenty of places to park, but to get to the sign that states they are at the most southern part of Australia, they will need to hike for 2-3 days. It is a challenging, but fun hike that should be on every adventurer’s to-do list.

Mount Kosciuszko In Kosciuszko National Park

No place in Australia offers the gorgeous views that Mount Kosciuszko offers. The mountain’s peak stands at just over 7,300 feet high. Caravanners can explore the area, and return to their caravan to get plenty of rest before trying to conquer the mountain. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in the area because there’s no shortage of adventures, and things to do and see while there.

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