The Top 10 Best Camping Locations In South Australia

Where are the best camping locations in South Australia? What makes these locations the best places to camp? In South Australia, you can never run out of beautiful places to travel. Whether you’re travelling with your caravan or a reliable vehicle, there are no limits to experiencing new places. With that said, here are the top 10 locations to visit in South Australia, as well as information about what makes them so great. Keep reading to learn more!

1). Chalk’s Campground

This spot is located at Mount Crawford. It’s RV and tent-friendly, as well as dog-friendly. There is plenty of woodlands to explore, wildlife to view, and open space, which makes it the perfect getaway location for you and your travelling company. 

2). Pink Gum Campground In Blewitt Springs

This campground is for those who want to go camping in a tent. Pink Gum Campground is a humble outdoor space but it is easily one of the best places to camp in South Australia. The campground is clean, dog-friendly, and isn’t too far from the city. 

3). Pine Ridge

Campers with tents or RVs are welcome at Pine Ridge in Yahl. This campground sits on over 70 acres of farmland and is only about 20 minutes away from town. It is a peaceful area, so it’s perfect for campers looking for peace and quiet. 

4). Eyre Peninsula

This is a national park, so to enter you will need a pass. However, camping is completely free at Eyre Peninsula. While here, you are free to explore the beach bluffs, take a look around the rock pools, and even attempt to surf the waters. 

5). Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary In Karatta

Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Karatta has something for everyone. From quiet beaches to plenty of trails to explore, it is one of the best places to camp at. Some of the most popular activities that can be done here include cycling, fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching. 

6). Wilpena Pound In Flinders Ranges

There are many unpowered and powered campsites at Wilpena Pound. Campers can spend a day exploring the campground area, as well as do things such as climb the ridge or head over to the airstrip in the area. From there, they can take a scenic flight over the site where they can marvel at some of the most breathtaking views in South Australia.  

7). Vivonne Bay On Kangaroo Island

Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in South Australia. Each camping spot on the island offers something different. If anyone decides to camp here, they’ll want to make time to fish from the jetty. 

Camping Locations In South Australia

8). Ocean Beach In Coorong National Park

There are a dozen campgrounds here in Ocean Beach. Many of the campgrounds are located right near the water. One helpful tip is to make sure to travel via a four-wheel drive vehicle if planning to access certain areas. For those who don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle, they’ll have to choose a campsite that is suitable for other vehicles. 

9). Deep Creek National Park

Deep Creek National Park is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula. It offers amazing views of Kangaroo Island. One of the best places to camp at in the park is Stringybark Campground, which sits right in a forest.  If you are planning to go here in the summer, then you will appreciate the shade, as well as the number of onsite facilities they offer. It’s worth mentioning that temperatures can soar in the summer which is why campers choose to travel to Stringybark Campground in the summer.

10). Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park can also be found on Kangaroo Island. The national park is home to famous geographical landmarks. Not only that, but the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail runs through it. For those who like to spend a day exploring and hiking, there’s no better place than Flinders Chase National Park. 

Final Thoughts

The above list is ten amazing places you can travel to in South Australia. All of these places are best enjoyed when you travel with your trusty caravan.

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